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Are you interested in studying in Austria? One of the best opportunity for Pakistanis students!

One of smallest counties of Europe is situated in central Europe. Due to its natural beauty, stunning landscape and ski resorts Austria is very popular among the tourists. Apart from skiing one can do hiking, mountain climbing or enjoy water sports in natural lakes of Austria. There are lots of outdoor activities for visitors in Austria.

This beautiful small country is surrounded by powerful countries of Europe like Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Italy and Slovenia. It has nine provinces named Carinthia, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Upper Austria, Styria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Vienna and Vorarlberg. Provinces run their own administration and have their own capital cities but supervised by the federal government.

Austria consist of 83,845 square kilometer, with the population 8.5 million people. Majority of its population is Christian (Roman Catholic). Austrians are very nice and open hearted people. They welcome foreigners heartily, that’s why majority of foreign students like to study in Austria’s higher education institutions.

Austria has very typical central Europe’s weather. Its weather is mainly influenced by Atlantic climate. Summers in Austria are pleasantly warm and winter is rather cold. German language is its official language, though English is also spoken in all country, Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian languages are also speaking in some part of country, so there is no language barrier for tourists. Austrians are very friendly with tourists and always ready to guide them.

pakstudyabroad study in austraAustria has very rich and colorful culture. Austria is home of ancient and historical buildings. Stephansdom (Saint Stephen’s Cathedral),  Hofburg Palace,  Melk Abbey, the Loos-Haus (Hundertwasser-Haus) in Vienna, Schonbrunn Palace, the GoldenesDachl in lnnsbruck, Melk Abbey  are some of its architectural monuments.

Life in Austria is full of fun, there are lot of art exhibitions held in country, which entertain the visitors and locals every year. Apart from this there are lot more entertainment is available in Austria like traditional theaters, festivals, folklore events and concerts.  Austrian’s Orchestras are also very popular in the world like the Wiener Symphoniker, Vienna Philharmonic, the Concentus Musicus, the Camerata Academica Salzburg and the Vienna Art Orchestra. Choirs of Austria are also big attraction for fun lover, Vienna Boys Choir and Arnold-Schoenberg-Choir have become world famous. The famous music composer Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart, great thinker Sigmund Freud and Ludwig Wittgenstein are also from Austria.


Austria is very popular among students due to its full of fun life and colorful culture. The higher education system in Austria is very strong. The prestigious universities of Austria never compromised on quality of education. Study in Austria for international students is way too easy than other countries because lots of bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are offered in English language. The higher education institutions have good worldwide reputation for research based quality education. Universities of Austria offered lots of study programs with huge choice, most of the study programs are research based which help the student to understand the subject deeply. The first choice of the student of art, science and applied science and modern teacher education are Austria’s higher education intuitions due to their unique style of education in these fields.  The prestigious universities of Austria have good ranking in QS World University Ranking.

Structure of study programs

The higher education institutions offer the following study programs:

Bachelor’s Degree Program:

Universities and universities of applied sciences of Austria offer various bachelor’s degree programs every year. These programs normally consist of 6 to 8 semester (3 to 4 years). Bachelor’s degree programs based on research and routine academic education. To take the admission in Bachelor’s degree you need to fulfill following requirements:

  • Higher Secondary school leaving certificate.
  • Copy of passport or some other internationally accepted identity.
  • Intermediate result card with good grades. (grades should be above merit)
  • German / English language proficiency certificate.
Master’s Degree Program:

Master’s Degree programs are offered to students who completed their Bachelor’s Degree with good grades, student should have specialized in the subject in which he wants to take admission in Master’s program. Master’s Degree programs normally consist of 2 to 4 semester.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in same field you need admission in Master’ study Program.
  • Copy of passport or some other internationally accepted identity.
  • Specialized in relevant subject in Bachelor’s degree.
  • German / English language proficiency certificate. (For those students who completed Bachelor’s Degree outside the Austria.)
Doctoral (PhD) Programs:

phd student pakstudyabroadMaster’s degree with good grades with good research work on your study field and an impressive thesis, thesis can be defended at any forum.

Admission requirement can be different for some study programs or particular course. Admission requirements are set by universities themselves. Students should contact to their desired university for admission requirements or Visit University’s official website.

Note: Pakistani students has to attest their educational documents from Austrian embassy in Pakistan before applying for admission. Some university don’t have these requirements. For visa application, your documents must be attested from Austrian embassy in Islamabad. We will write in detail about How to attest your documents from Austrian embassy and how to apply for Austrian student visa in our Student visa requirements for Austria section very soon. Please follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Academic Calendar in Austria

There are two semesters held in a year. Winter semester starts from 1st October and ends 30th January. While summer semester starts from 1st March and ends at 30th September. Normally academic year in Austria starts in October. But schedule of class commencement can be varying from one institution to another institution.

Higher education institutions consist of three types.

  • Universities
  • Universities of Applied Sciences.
  • University Colleges of Teacher Education.


Pakistani / non-EU citizens need a visa to enter in Austria. There are two types of visa granted by Austrian embassies e.g. visa C and visa D. students who took admission in some short course which duration is less than 90 days are required visa C. if your course duration is less than 180 days then you need visa D. For staying more than 6 months in Austria you need to obtain residence permit to study. Here are some general requirements which can be demanded by embassy of Austria.

  • Admission confirmation letter from university.
  • Correctly completed application form.
  • Certificate of recent school record.
  • Fee payment proof of university (minimum one semester fee should paid).
  • Pictures and other proof of identity. (ID card of students or guardian)
  • Bank statement with sufficient fund to cover university fees and daily living expense.

These are the general requirements, for Pakistani students there are more visa application requirements. Please contact the Austrian embassy in Islamabad for further requirements.

After reaching in Austria students need to register with municipal authorities (Meldeamt GBemeindeamt, Magistratisches Bezirksamt) within three working days. Registration form should be filled completely and must be signed by student’s landlord or landlady. Students who check in some hotel, hostel or guest house, they need to sign their form by management of that place. In case of changing your address or leaving Austria you should inform the municipal authorities first.

Health insurance for Pakistani and international students

It is compulsory for students to take health insurance after entering in Austria. All the Austrians and foreigners who are living in Austria for long time need to be insured. Students can take insurance form from Austrian student union or Gebietskrankenkasse branch.


Pakistani students have to pay tuition fee of € 726.72 per semester but there are lot of scholarships granted to international students every year. Government of Austria believes in quality education. So it offered scholarship especially to those brilliant students who cannot pay their study expense due to non sufficient funds. Thousands of scholarships are given on merit to students by higher education institutions. If you are intelligent student with good academic record you are advised to check your chance of scholarship for your desired course from all university’s websites in Austria.


In Austria you are free to choose your desired accommodation according to your comfort and financial capability. There are no university or college hostel and dorms available in Austria like other countries. If you are expecting that after allotting a class roll number you will automatically be allotted a room in university’s campus then you are wrong. You need to arrange an accommodation yourself. One thing is good for students that finding a reasonable accommodation in your resources is not difficult. Let’s check your option for accommodation.

Finding a flat or apartment

Flat or apartment can be good choice, students should check the availability of flat near their university online, or contact to university about checking options for residence. Sometimes universities provide list of vacant accommodation to students. Students can choose their option from that list and contact to landlord / landlady themselves.

OeAD-Housing office

OeAd Housing is providing accommodation to 12000 students in their guest houses every year. These guest Houses are fully furnished. The guest houses of OeAD housing is available in all major student cities of Austria including Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz, Llagenfurt, Leoben etc. This option is more economical than other options. So you should check the availability or residence in OeAD first.

Living in shared flat

Living with other students by sharing flat and rent is also a good idea. By this you can save good amount of money and learn about the customs and culture of fellow students countries. Normally 3 to 4 students rent a flat in partnership and get their own room in flat, student only have to share kitchen and bathroom. This kind of accommodation is usually available in 150 Euro to 350 Euro per month.

Living in a hall of residence/ dormitory

Normally dormitories have apartments, some apartments are only for one person and some are available for 2 to 4 persons. Bathroom and toilet in these apartments is separate for everyone, though students have to share kitchen with others.

Cost of living

Living in Austria is economical than other countries of Europe. Normally a student needs 950 Euros to 1000 Euros approximately.  Estimated cost of accommodation can be 400 Euros. Cost of food depends on you that what you eat. If you eat ready made food form restaurant or fast food shop you will have to spend more money. Cooking at your own place is economical and cheap. If you buy a cup of tea or coffee you need to pay 3 Euros for a cup, a sandwich from a bakery or fast food shop costs 3.50 Euros. Lunch and dinner from students type of restaurant costs 10 Euros approx. So, we advise you to cook yourself with sharing other students, it is economical. You need 250 Euros approx for food in Austria. Travelling in the city is economical for students, student can get discount card for travelling, though students have to spend on books and notes, and for entertainment also, if you want to go for outing with friends then you should aware that cinema, theater and museum tickets normally cost 7 Euros to 10 Euros. Normally you need 300 Euros for these activities. So, it is advised to students to keep 1000 Euros per month with them for living in Austria. Many Pakistani students living in 300-500 Euros/ Month by sharing their accommodation, food and cutting their entertainment costs. They don’t eat from outside and cook at home. Cooking at home is 10 times economical than dine out in abroad.


Pakistani / international students are allowed to work part time jobs during their studies. Student jobs are available in student cities of Austria. Students can do part time job such as newspaper distribution, bar tender, waiter / waitress at restaurants, salesman or salesgirl at shopping mall, work at fast food shop etc. If you are lucky enough to find a job related to your study then it is a bonus point in your degree because it is counted as practical experience.  Students are allowed to do 10 hours per week job during their first semester’s studies. After completing first semester successfully they are allowed to work for 20 hours per week.

After completion the degree from Austria’s universities, universities of applied science and university colleges of teacher education and acknowledged university colleges of teacher education, students are allowed to live 6 month to search a job in Austria. For this purpose you need to extend your resident permit. Students are advised to extend their residence permit before expiry date of previous permit. This type of residence permit is called Visa D. The students who need to stay after study to do some research, they are also required 6-month extension in their residence permit, and procedure of extension is same for them too.

After getting job students can obtain work permit from authorities. Application for work permit is submitted by employer, after some routine checking work permit is granted, extension of work permit is optional for employee and employer.


austria study for pakistani studetnsAustria is good place for students who like a peaceful study environment. Fees are relatively low than other universities of Europe. Cost of living is also very affordable. Teaching style in universities is very friendly. For some subjects’ study is research based. Government of Austria gives lot of importance to education. Work is allowed during studies, so you can support yourself during study. Austrians are very friendly with foreigners. You can enjoy your stay in Austria. You can learn a lot about European countries culture and tradition due to Austria’s location. Austria is located in the center of Europe and a member of Schengen state so you can travel other European countries during your holidays. There are trains, buses and flights to other main European cities within the few hours traveling. Pakistani students are granted the 6 month visa extension after studies for finding the job. If you are lucky you may get the job and step towards the permanent residence and nationality.

Our rating is 5 out of 5 for this awesome country.

Please share this with your family and friends, it might help someone and encourage us to bring the more updated information for you.

Leave the comment below, if you have further questions. We would be happy to guide you further.

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