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low tuition fee, high class education, part time job, this is study in Romania for Pakistani students

Welcome to Romania Introduction

Romania is one of the beautiful countries of Europe. It is situated in central Europe. It is surrounded by some of major countries of Europe like Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Black Sea is situated to the south-east of Romania. Due to its location Romania becomes very important in Europe. Romania is connecting eastern and western world. Its total area is 238,391 km2. Its population is 20 Million approx.  10% of population is living in capital city Bucharest.

Romania has very rich culture like other European countries. Rich culture and rich history combined with modern European values makes Romania a place to visit. Romania has natural beauty. The beautiful mountains, high hills and green plains make Romania a true picture of nature.

Climate of Romania

In Romania you can enjoy four seasons in a year, pleasant spring, warm summer, dry and cold autumn and typical cold weather of Europe in winter. Weather changes in plains area, in mountain it is always cold. Autumn comes in September, and it is good time to visit and enjoy in Romania.

Culture and traditions of Romania

Study in RomaniaThe land of Romania has very rich culture, its colorful traditions with the touch of ancient values makes its culture more unique and attractive. Tourists always enjoy the ancient traditions and culture of this country. Romania is based on three regions, Transylvania region, Moldavia region and Walachia region.  These three regions were united in 1859 and given the name “Romania”. The name is taken from ancient Rome.

Why Romania is cool for Tourists

Romania has lot of attractions for tourists, especially Sibiu city is center of attention for visitors. Europe’s oldest museum Brukenthal museum is situated in this city. You can visit lots of medieval ancient buildings, every building has its own history. You can visit one of the largest museums in the world in Sibiu city. Visiting Turda salt Mines “Salina Turda” is a unique and interesting experience for tourists.  It is situated in Transylvania region and claims largest salt mine in the world.

Historic monuments are discovering day by day in Romania to prove its ancient glory. Recently the discovery of “Oldest Cave Drawings” in Coliboaia Cave surprised the world.  These 13 drawings consist of buffalos, horse, rhinos and cats picture mesmerise the visitors. Historian claims that these drawings are almost 32000 year old. It is big attraction for history lovers.

Spring festival in Romania is a unique experience for tourists. It is celebrated at 1st March every year to welcome the spring. On this day Romanian people wear the “Martisor”, a dress consist of red and white colour. This tradition is claimed as the Roman times tradition.

You can also visit the world’s first oil refinery in southern Romania, which was built in 1857. Romanian started to use industrial refined oil in 1857. While discussing about Romania we can’t ignore the Mud Volcanoes. The scene like Mud Volcanoes cannot be experienced in other part of world. Mud Volcanoes are situated in Buzau County.  With the combination of natural gas, clay soil and water the mud cones appears at the surface, and shaped like volcanoes.

study in romania, dracula palaceIf you like paranormal activities then you definitely should visit Hoia-Baciu forest, this forest has lots of stories. People claim that they have seen lights, strange shadows, shapes and colours, some strange voices, faces appear and disappear etc. Even UFOs have been captured in camera by some people. Scientists give the logic by saying that it can be fluctuations of electromagnetic field, emissions infrasound and magnetic anomalies etc. But they can’t explain the logic of foot tracks which are seen on land, snow and grass directly appearing in front of people.

Bear cave is also interesting place to visit which discovered in 1983. Comana Natural Park  with Bucharest  city is beautiful Delta

The main reason to visit Romania is the good and soft nature of Romanian people. They welcome tourists with wide arms. Hospitality of Romanian people is very famous. Guests in Romania are welcome in generous way. If you don’t eat or drink at Romanian home the host will be deeply hurt. So visit the Romania and enjoy the hospitality of Romanian.

Apart from above attractions you can go and relax at beaches of Black Sea which are 45 miles long and have lot of capacity for tourists. Danube Delta is second largest delta in Europe, it is also a place to visit. The painted Monasteries in Bucovina is very unique experience in Romania, you don’t have that type of scenery in world.  Bran Castle, Peles Castle and Corvinilor castle are witness the glory of Romanian state. There are more attractions to visit Romania?

Good Reasons to Study in Romania

There is no compromise on quality of education, isn’t this reason enough for study in Romania. Study in Romania for international students is way too easy than other European countries. The diplomas and degrees issued by Romanian higher education institutions are recognized all over the world. Like other ancient heritages, the history of education is also very rich and strong. Romania has one of the Europe’s oldest universities. The University of Iasi was formed by Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza in 1860 and University of Bucharest was formed by him in 1864. The higher education institutions of Romania offer the students’ best academic life, research based education and high quality syllabus and faculty. Universities of Romania has good ranking in QS world. You can also enjoy high speed internet in Romania, actually Romania is at third place in the world regarding fastest internet provider to people. Student can use world’s 3rd high speed internet for studies and research. Pakistani / international students can use this high speed of internet to video chat with their relatives and friends in home. By this they can reduce home sickness.

Romanian higher education institutions made study very easy for international students. You can choose English, French, German, Romanian or Hungarian language for your study. You only need to provide proficiency certificate to take admission in your desired language of study. All the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level study programs are available in above mentioned languages. The fee in higher education institutions is comparatively low than United Kingdom and United States universities. Cost of living is also affordable.


To take admission in Romania University you need to provide following requirements.

  • Higher secondary school leaving certificate/Intermediate + 1 year university education.
  • Internationally recognized English language proficiency certificate. E.g. IELTS (international English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Etc.
  • Previous exams should be passed according to minimum grade required by university.
  • Diploma should be passed with good GPA.
  • University admission test and interview should be passed. (Optional)


  • 16 year education from Pakistan or equivalent degree.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from internationally recognized university with required grades. (B.S)
  • Internationally recognized English language proficiency certificate. E.g. IELTS (international English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Etc.



  • 18 year education from internationally recognized university.
  • or M.Phil. with required grades.
  • For 4 years Doctoral study program Bachelor’s Degree with one year study at postgraduate level is accepted.


There are different types of scholarships available in Romania. Pakistani students can also take these scholarships on merit basis. These scholarships are offered from different forums of Romania. Universities of Romania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education and Science Research and Romanian state are giving scholarships to students for various study programs on merit basis. These scholarships are granted totally on merit basis. These scholarships normally cover tuition fees of university.

Accommodation in Romania for international students

The students who have successfully take admission in universities of Romania need to arrange an accommodation before their flight. Students should check the all available chances of accommodation. You can choose campus accommodation, it is most economical option for residence. Normally it costs 60 Euro per month. This is approximate rate for campus residence, rate can be varying from one university to another university. These on campus accommodations are very comfortable with the luxury of free internet, common room, kitchen, attach bathroom/toilet, canteen and mess etc. students who can’t find place in university’s hostel or dormitories can rent their private room, flat or apartment. Normally students rent room or apartment on sharing basis with other students. It is also good living style where you can live with students from different nationalities. The cost of rent is varied according to size and luxury of the apartment. One student has to pay his share in rent from 120 Euro to 300 Euro per month.

Cost of living in Romania for international / Pakistani students

Cost of living in Romania depends on your living style. cost of accommodation is discussed above, cost of food may be 100 Euro to 300 Euro per month, utility bills varied from 40 Euro to 60 Euro per month, on private accommodation phone and internet bill costs 20 Euro to 40 Euro (according to your use), medical insurance 12 Euro, public transportation 10 Euro to 30 Euro per month and general entertainment costs 200 Euro per month approx. Generally you need 600 Euro to 800 Euro for living in Romania as student. According to our research from Pakistani students living and studying in Romania they can survive from 150 -300 Euro by sharing their accommodation with other Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi or even students from other nationalities. By sharing their accommodation and food they cut the cost to by more than half. Sometimes, students from Pakistan use travel card / bus pass to save extra money. These are the hacks which only experienced student know when they study abroad. We are collecting this information and soon PakStudyAbroad will write these hacks in upcoming posts. Please keep visiting us and follow us on social media to get updates and alerts. You may also subscribe to our newsletter.

Romania study visa requirements for Pakistani students

Pakistani / non-EU students are required to take visa from Romanian embassy to enter in Romania. Romanian immigration law is relatively strict for non-EU citizen. So you are advised to complete visa application and file carefully and then apply for visa. Here are some general requirements for Pakistani students.

  • Acceptance letter from Ministry of Education and Science Research (Original & Photocopy)
  • 2 Photographs
  • Passport (expiry date should not be less than 6 months.)
  • Health insurance for complete stay in Romania (up to 30000 euro approx.)
  • Clear criminal record certificate.
  • Bank statement with sufficient fund to cover university fees and daily living expense.
  • Fee payment proof of university (minimum one year fee should be paid).
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Minor students need to provide consent certificate of parents or guardian that their child can study and stay in Romania on his own.

Students need to obtain residence permit after reaching in Romania. This residence permit is granted for one year and can be extended. Romania student visa application form can be downloaded from website of embassy.

Pakistani students can work in Romania

Students are allowed to do work part time and student jobs in Romania. If you have residence permit on study basis then you are allowed to do part time or student job. Students don’t need to take separate work permit for job. On student residence permit you are allowed to work for 4 hours per day. If a student needs to do work more than 4 hours in a day then he is required a work permit. In Romania, searching student job is not difficult, lots of students are doing part time jobs in Romania. Normally student work in hotels, restaurants, gas stations, bars, café, newspaper distribution, call centre, shopping malls etc. if you are lucky enough to get job related to your study then it would be good for getting practical experience. Earning from part time job can help you to cover your daily expenses, you can’t totally relay on part time job. Minimum wage rate is not enough to cover your all expenses to pay tuition fee and stay in Romania.

List of universities in Romania for international students

  • Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies / The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • West University of Timișoara
  • Politehnica University of Bucharest
  • Babeș-Bolyai University
  • Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Ovidius University


Romania is good place, especially for study. If you want to go abroad for study then Romania is best place due to its high quality of education which is never compromised at any stage.  Apart from study you can visit spots like Turda salt Mines “Salina Turda”, “Oldest Cave Drawings” in Coliboaia Cave, Mud Volcanoes, Bear cave, Hoia-Baciu forest etc. you cannot visit spots like that in any part of world except Romania. Fees of higher education institutions are relatively low and lots of study programs are available in English Language. Cost of living is also affordable and weather is not hard like other countries of Europe. Part time and student jobs are available in Romania, and it is not difficult to find student job. So these reasons are enough to study in Romania. Romanian people are very open to foreigners and let international students mix with them and allow them to be the part of society.

We rate 4 out of 5 for this beautiful eastern European country.

Please share this with your family and friends, it might help someone and encourage us to bring the more updated information for you.

Leave the comment below, if you have further questions. We would be happy to guide you more.

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